How To Make A Cozy Sweater Pumpkin

How To Make A Cozy Sweater Pumpkin

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This year I am so into making sweater pumpkins for the Pinterest Challenge. One of my absolute favorite things to do is repurpose old material into new crafts, and I’ve been wondering for a while how to make sweater pumpkins. So, keeping in theme with last month where I showed you how to make pumpkins from scrapwood:

It’s time to make some cozy sweater pumpkins!

(I made three!)

In case you have just stumbled on my site let me tell you what this Pinterest Challenge is all about.

The Pinterest Challenge is the creation of Erlene from My Pinterventures. Because we all pin but do we actually make what we pin? Well, each month we do and encourage you to make what you pin also. So if you’re used to just watching along, actually try to make this for yourself and share the results with me!

Sweater pumpkin: a step-by-step guide

One thing I like with this particular tutorial is I didn’t need to use twine to create the indentations on the pumpkins. I wanted to make them different from the fabric pumpkins I made last year. I also wanted to take a break from learning what kind of vinyl to use for mugs and nothing relaxes me more than pumpkins!

You’re going to want to decide on the size of pumpkins you want, which might just depend on which materials you have available so first let’s gather some supplies. If you’re going to crochet the pumpkins yourself, I recommend a star stitch.

You’ll need these materials and supplies:

  • Sweater Embroidery Thread
  • String Printed Fabric in a Leaf Design (suggested)
  • Mod Podge Glue Gun and Glue (suggested)

I used the sleeves from the green sweater. The body of the sweater became a pillow.

After you cut the sleeves off the sweater turn it wrong side out and gather the wide end with a running stitch. I used embroidery thread because I feel it is stronger than regular thread.

Pull the thread tight and stitch the bottom shut.

Turn the pumpkin right side out. I use shredded paper from my paper shredder for stuffing but polyfill will work also. Stuff the pumpkin.

I use Jill’s trick to use clothespins to clip the top together while you work on the stem.

Tie the string to the top. Start to wrap it around very tightly. That forms the stem. Dab a bit of hot glue to the end of the string.

The pumpkins needed a little something. I found some printed burlap with a leaf design. Mod Podge a piece of the burlap, after it is dry cut out the design. With a thread and needle tack it around the pumpkin stem.

Cozy sweater pumpkins are my new favorite pumpkin. I never want to put them away. Please check out all of the other pins everyone else made. And then make your own pins. You will be so glad you did.

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