Drop Cloth Material Is An Elegant Farmhouse Look

Drop Cloth Material Is An Elegant Farmhouse Look

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When I was looking for material for the chair I found in the neighborhood I decided to use drop cloth material. I use it with many projects. I like the color and it is cheap and durable. It is one of those things that can be dressed up or dressed down. I choose the drop cloth material for the Glorious Imperfect Chair because I knew it would give it an elegant farmhouse look.

Using the old piece of material I took off from the chair as a pattern I cut a piece of drop cloth material for the new upholstery.

When I was at Michaels looking for something else I found a stencil in a French design and knew it would be perfect. This was the day I was at Hancock Fabrics so I had the chair on my mind. That is when I decided I would use the drop cloth and the stencil would add to this poor worn-out chair.

I sprayed stencil adhesive on the stencil and centered it on the material.

I used my gold craft paint mixed with fabric medium and proceeded to stencil the drop cloth. Just laying it on the unfinished chair was a boost.

My next step was to recreate the double welted cording. Which by the way I have never done. I used my plumb line to snap a straight line so I could cut out the fabric strips. I found the best tutorial at Hearts and Sharts. Dena shows how to do this in my mind, an overwhelming task. She takes the fear right out of it. It didn’t take long to make the cording, I made more then what I needed so I knew it would be enough to go around the cushion.

At first, I thought the piece of drop cloth that I cut out and stenciled was too small. I even stenciled another one and cut it out bigger. Then I thought go for it and see what happens, I used the first one I made. I used my stapler and compressor and started stapling. I was really liking it.

Once the drop cloth was stapled, I stapled the bottom fabric to the chair. I probably didn’t need to take it off but I washed and ironed it. Is that a strange thing to do? Maybe but I like to make sure it is clean.

The cording was hot glued around the edge of the drop cloth upholstery to hide the staples.

I sure love using drop cloth for decorating projects. It really has a nice texture and it is so inexpensive. I think it gave the chair an elegant farmhouse look. Do you?

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