So what happened after my plans of joining the circus?

Truth be told, I took a job that had nothing and I mean nothing to do with all the things I love most in life – drawing, painting, sewing, and building stuff! I worked as a Supervisor in the County Clerk and Comptroller’s Office in the child support division. I told you…not exactly creative.

Today I’m retired and I’m finally exploring my dream, which is what I mean when I say, “I think I’ve figured out what I want to do when I grow up!”

Welcome to Shoppe No. 5 – my dream come true and I’m excited to share all my projects and discoveries with you. You see, I still LOVE to play with wood and cast-off furniture. I love its history and the story behind it (even if I don’t know it…there’s still a story). I love the idea of creating a unique piece of furniture or art that won’t cost the shopper a fortune.  And believe it or not…I love the hunt for that special piece. 

I live in a small house that doesn’t need one more thing…so I opened Shoppe No. 5 on the west coast of Florida and now I share my pieces with shoppers, but you don’t have to come to Florida to see what I create. It’s all here on the site and maybe…just maybe, something is calling your name.

You should know a few other things about me too…I live by the Gulf of Mexico and all the local rivers and lakes.  Ok, maybe not lakes. Let’s say retention ponds but none-the- less it is truly paradise living in Florida.  Sunsets here are spectacular!  Sometimes I’m even blessed with dolphins playing in the waters. I love the armadillos, gators and other wildlife in my neighborhood. Yep…gators are a part of Florida living.

I live with two rescue cats who call the shots. They think I work for them! Lincoln is a gray cat with a tail that looks like a little handle.  I wish he could tell me what happened to him before he came to live with me.  Andy is my other kitty.  Neighbors moved out and left him.  He is so grateful to have a good home.  They have a cat friend, Lionel who also spends more time at my house than his own.

I’m sharing my life…my projects…and my stories with you and I hope you’ll come along with me as I rediscover this new time in my life. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

If you are ever in the area I hope you will visit!

Shoppe No. 5 located at  2100 US Highway 301 North  Palmetto FL  34221